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Just in case the video doesn’t post.

My Bettas water has this weird film on it. I can skim it off with my nails. I’ve done 100% water changes and cleaned his sand again and everything else. His filter is up all the way short of taking the foam out of the output. Idk what it is or what else to do.

Hey there. :) That’s protein scum. Does your water have much movement? If it doesn’t have much movement, this stuff may build up on the surface. However, surface agitation caused by filtering or a bubbler will disperse it.

Hey, I had this same problem in my Fluval Spec too! I used to try to skim it off with paper towels. That would get a lot of it, but some bits would break off and float around the tank and look ugly and piss me off.

I bought this thing:

What do you know, it works perfectly! No more scum AT ALL. That’s the actual site I bought it from (and they included an individually wrapped Swedish Fish candy with it, which was cute! haha) but they are probably available at other places. I saw them on eBay.

There’s a video of how it works here if you’re curious:

PS: I don’t work for them, I just wanted to share, because it really worked. The scum was driving me batty! You could probably even make something similar, but hey, I am lazy and it was cheap. :D

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